Monday, 5 October 2009

King’s Quest 1

An Excellent Remake of a Classic!

King's Quest: Quest for the Crown was originally released in 1984 and was a milestone in adventure gaming. Now, Anonymous Game Developers Interactive have updated the game so the world can play it on their modern PCs - for free!

Quest for the Crown features Sir Graham, the most famous and noble of all knights of Daventry. The King has summoned him to find 3 magical items that will ensure the glory of the kingdom after the king passes. This is thy quest, O Knight! :)

Witness the Birth of Point and Click Adventure Games

King's Quest 1 represents one of the first point and click graphical adventure games ever made. You will journey through the land of Daventry finding different items to aid your quest. Use those items on people, places, and things to unlock new paths and new items for your quest.

Overall this is a fun game, filled with humor and should please any adventure game fan.

System Requirements*

- SVGA Video card (32-bit capability recommended)
- 1 MB Video RAM (2 MB recommended)
- Pentium or higher processor (233 MHz or above required)
- 16 MB RAM - Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows Vista- DirectX 5 or above (DirectX 10 or higher recommended)
- Approximately 139 MB free disk space
- Up to 100 MB additional free space for save-game files
- 1 MB Video RAM (2 MB Recommended)
- DirectX compatible digital sound card

*If your system fails to meet these requirements, you may experience slowness and choppiness while playing the game.

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