Monday, 5 October 2009

Scorched 3D

Experience a Modernization of the ClassicScorched Earth

Scorched 3D is based on the classic DOS game Scorched Earth, "The Mother Of All Games", and features lively three dimensional landscapes with varied and detailed terrain where the battles take place. View scenes full of beautifully rendered elements, such as naval vessels, soaring jets, water, birds, and even prehistoric flying dinosaurs.

Experience the real-time strategy action found in this turn-based artillery game as you face off against armies of enemy tanks. Counter your enemies' weapons with an assortment of creative accessories, shields, and tactics.
Simple Yet Challenging Gameplay

The interface and controls are quite simple and easy to pick up. In essence, you choose from several different tanks and then start up a game on a height generated map, mostly an island on which you are positioned between your rivals. Then it is a simple matter of adjusting the height-angle, direction, force, and weapon type you want in order to hit your enemies and ultimately destroy them.

When you kill someone, you will earn money which you can use to buy new weapons and items before the start of the next round. The addition of a third dimension to the gameplay adds in many challenges both in navigation and aiming, but at least the controls, with a freely rotating camera, help to keep things in perspective.
Intriguing Strategic Options

With the wide array of weapons such as lasers that cut through the bumpy terrain and nuclear warheads, there are plenty of different strategies which you can try as you take on your opponents. Enjoy a challenging single player experience against the computer or play online against up to 24 players, mixing computer players with humans on both randomly generated 3D landscapes and user designed maps.

Learn skills in timing, aiming and judgment, navigating the landscape, and even how to out-smart your adversaries economically. Practice and master the various maps in order to become a consistent winner!

So if you like intense turn-based artillery action, download Scorched 3D and start the fight today!


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