Monday, 5 October 2009

Star Wars Arcade

Game Description
Remake of the awesome arcade shooter!

Star Wars is an award-winning remake of the classic 3D shooter that many of us remember playing in the arcades. From the sounds, graphics, and controls, the folks at Minionsoft did a fine job capturing the true essence of the original.

The gameplay is very straightfoward - you get into the cockpit of your trusty X-Wing fighter and take on waves of Tie Fighters, tower defenses, and trench guns. There are three stages, and each ends with a final run to fire your torpedoes to destroy the dreaded Death Star!

Short description:
This star wars game includes three stages: Fighter Attack, Surface Attack, and Trench Run.
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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away OBI-WAN KENOBI IS GONE BUT HIS PRESENCE IS FELT WITHIN THE FORCE. THE EMPIRE`S DEATH STAR, UNDER THE COMMAND OF DARTH VADER, NEARS THE REBEL PLANET. YOU MUST JOIN THE REBELION TO STOP THE EMPIRE. THE FORCE WILL BE WITH YOU ALWAYS Instructions Stage 1 - Fighter Attack On your way to the Death Star you will encounter a squadran of TIE Fighters. Shoot them down before they shoot you. Be warned, Darth Vader is also with his squadron of fighters and may take an attack on your ship himself. TIE Fighters = 1,000 Darth Vader = 2,000 Plasma shots = 33 Stage 2 - Surface Attack (Wave 2 onwards) Now you must skim the surface of the Death Star. Shott out the surface placements, cannons, and towers from wave 3 onwards. Each tower awrds you more points each hit. Shooting all the towers awards you a 25,000 point bonus. Cannon = 200 Tower top = 200 Plasma shots = 33 All tower tops = 25,000 Stage 3 - Trench Run Your final stage. Skim down the trench towards the exhaust port in order to fire your proton torpedos. Avoid the cannons and the trench catwalks. Here you will be promted to use the force. If you manage to get to the end without fireing you will be awarded a "FORCE" bonus of 50,000 points. Cannon = 100 Plasma shots = 33 Shooting Deathstar = 25,000 Good luck, and may the force be with you ... always. Minimum System Requirements The game requires DirectX 9 and a 233 Mghz processor with a reasonable 3D graphics card ! Control is via Mouse or a Head Tracker unit..
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